Square tube is one of hot sale products of WAN STEEL, it take Q235 hot or cold rolled strip as the base material, after cold bending processing molding and then high-frequency welding,  made the hollow shape and size of the square section .

On May of 2018 year, we receive an inquiry about 50tons 50 mm Mill steel square tube with 2 mm thickness from USA cutomer.

Aftre talking through emails,we got known that , the customer use the square tubes for producing fitness equipment ,they will punch Holes along the square tube, weld flat steel at one end, paint and then engrave numbers from one end to the other end. So the tube must have good strength , property and smooth surface.

Below are part contents:

Q:  What is the length of the 50 mm sq. – 2mm thick tubes. Is the length 6 meters or different.Please inform number of tubes are in a bundle and the weight of the tube per length and a bundle?

Is the surface is clean or have any rust on the surface of the tubes?

Answer these questions and send me few close up photos to see the surface of these tubes and inside welding. Do not plan to sell any old rusty tubes. I will have my local man will come and check the quality before you load the truck.

A: Length of each square tube: 6m,

Numbers of per bundle: 64pcs/bundle

Weight of each tube: 17.6kg(Theoretical weight)

But We will deliver the square tubes and settle the amount according to actual weight.

All our tubes are new produced, without rusty. Attahced pictures for your looking.

We strongly applaud that your man to confirm the quality in our factory before deal and delivery.  So you can rest assured of our quality and company .

On 8th, July , customer let his local friend to come our factory  , we take him visit our production and warehouse of square tube, then talked and confirmed the details of customer requirement。

After customer get the feedbacks of his friend, he feel very satisfied with our company and products , and place 50tons square tube as trial order immediately . Now Customer place orders every two months. he told me , he purchased the square tubes from Tianjin before, which price is much cheaper than us. But that supplier does not produce a good quality tubes.They show good quality samples ,but then deliver bad quality tubes with rusty, and when they ounch holes on the tubes , the tubes crack and deformed, caused him a great loss. So he have to find new supplier cautionly ,and let his friend to come our factory before deal.  Now we have build long-term relationship, and become good friend.

The matter impove that , different quality, different prices, you will get what you pay for . It is very important tofind a professional and reliable supplier.  I believe WAN STEEL will be your best choice.

Here attached our stock regular sizes of square tube:

50x50x2.0mm square tubes export to USA

50x50x2.0mm square tubes export to USA

50x50x2.0mm square tubes export to USA

50x50x2.0mm square tubes export to USA

50x50x2.0mm square tubes export to USA

If you have any demand of square tubes, welcome to contact us . We assure the best price ,quality and service for you all the time.