As an important part of steel pipe products, spiral welded pipe plays a major role in the development of national economy. At present, the general trend of the development of the steel pipe industry in the world is that the output of spiral welded pipe is growing faster than the growth rate of seamless steel pipe; the output of spiral welded pipe is much larger than that of seamless steel pipe; the market for seamless pipe in various fields . Hot-dip galvanized pipe In the spiral welded pipe type, ERW spiral welded pipe dominates the output, and it competes for the market with straight seam submerged arc welded pipe and spiral submerged arc welded pipe in the field of oil and gas long-distance pipeline and urban gas pipeline.

What is a spiral welded pipe.

Spiral welded pipe: It is made by rolling a low carbon carbon structural steel or a low alloy structural steel strip into a tube blank at a certain angle of a helix (called a forming angle), and then welding the pipe joint to make it narrower. Strip steel produces large diameter steel pipes. The specification shall be expressed by the outer diameter * wall thickness. The welded pipe shall ensure that the hydraulic pressure test, the tensile strength of the weld and the cold bending performance are in compliance with the regulations.

Export situation

As the largest manufacturer and manufacturer of spiral welded pipes in China, Taian Wangang Group has a large number of high quality spiral welded pipes exported to Africa, Vietnam, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other countries and regions.