Improve Spiral Steel Tube Production Line

Since mid-September, we have carried out rolling tests for the needs of some export users. Because the export user has high requirements on the surface quality of the product, the Spiral Steel Tube production line produces iron oxide scale on the steel surface during the manufacturing process. We have carried out special research, and through the precise control of the temperature of the steel burning and rolling and cooling process, the iron oxide scale is avoided as much as possible. produce. At the same time, the computer control model has been improved to improve the control of the shape accuracy, especially the product width control has achieved remarkable results. Through the scientific adjustment of key process parameters and the further standardized management of on-site operation, the quality of spiral steel pipe products is effectively guaranteed.

Improve Spiral Steel Tube Production Line,Obtain Foreign Customers

Obtain Foreign Customers

Over the years, in the face of the large market for the production and sales of spiral tubes, the intensity of foreign exports has been increased, and high-quality products have been provided to the vast number of international customers! A better foundation for the growth of export volume! According to the changes in market demand, through the cooperation of production, research, sales and other systems, the new chapter of spiral tube hot-rolled export product production, the hot-rolling 1880 production line, has achieved new breakthroughs in the production of export products. Achieving volume supply, and giving full play to the production advantages of its own thin-size products, the products are exported to South America, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia) and other markets, playing a positive role for the company to break through the effects.