Sourcing & Procurement

WanSteel provides unparalleled and unmatched all-round one-stop service. As solution provider, WanSteel is capable of solving your problem of how to select suitable pipes and valves and duly deliver to the right place in complicated projects with providing you a cost-effective, high-quality piping solutions.

Our Advantage: All-round One-stop Service

WanSteel is capable of meeting clients’regular demand with around 55000 tons inventory.

WanSteel’s inventory structure makes up of:

15% alloy seamless pipe

20% welded steel pipe

65% carbon seamless steeel pipe

Product Selection

WanSteel has spread its procurement offices all over China.Therefore we are capable of providing you regular and exotic products and meeting a full range of delivery demands which makes us your one-stop sourcing partner for quality product at competitive prices.

WanSteel aims at providing you with a complete piping solution for project execution while complying with full technical specification and prioritizing the delivery of materials.


With large stock, WanSteel is able to meet special client&project’s demands. For example, most vendors are uninterested in undertaking unit interconnection which creates project shortfalls or requires unusual inventory capacity.

All our main materials vendors has programs with WanSteel, the programs of which can ensure the regular, monthly replenishment of WanSteel stock and project inventory. Also, WanSteel is able to book allocations with the mills, which delivery turnaround times can be saved for time-sensitive projects.

Value added services

Besides piping materials selecting, stocking and shipping, WanSteel provides value-added services which will raise your operational efficiency by shortening your work period time and reducing material scrap.